When to Promote a Budtender

By Marissa Lederman
Dispensary: When to promote a budtender

When management determines its time to add a lead or supervisor to your sales floor, it only makes sense to promote your strongest, most capable budtender. This employee should possess certain characteristics to oversee operations with ease, allowing upper management more flexibility to be away from the front end. The following are some examples that may indicate when to promote your budtender. 

  • They’ve stepped up without being asked
    • Takes the initiative to solve problems
    • Approaches management with issues or solutions
    • Helps coworkers with questions they can’t answer
  • They’ve been in a supervisory position before
    • Hospitality and restaurant work have similar training and skills 
    • They have confidence when judgment calls are needed
  • They’ve expressed a desire to move up the ladder
    • Wanting to cross-train into more positions/departments
    • Asking for more responsibility 
  • Their attendance is stellar
    • Shows up earlier than their shift as to not be late
    • Rarely calls out of work
  • Is willing to pick up overtime or cover shifts
    • Covers for sick coworkers 
    • Picks up extra hours during coworkers vacation/time off
    • Asks to work overtime 
  • Rarely makes mistakes
    • The cash drawer always balances
    • The low percentage of voids/mistakes during transactions
  • They’ve earned Management’s trust
    • Decision-making skills have been validated
    • Can confidently run shift
  • How to ensure their promotion is successful
    • Have a one-on-one meeting to explore any areas needing more in-depth training
    • Be sure to thoroughly train on opening and closing duties, reports, cash discrepancies, and deposits
    • She should feel confident making decisions on returns and exchanges and how to handle the returned product, physically and digitally
    • Announce the promotion to the rest of the team with enthusiasm

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