Dispensary Online Reviews

People Talk.
Get them Talking about your Dispensary.

Get Better Online Reviews:
Simple Tips using Apps + Engagement

Are you Utilizing these Apps?

Weedmaps and Leafly are location-based, online-shopping technologies that link consumers to cannabis products. Users can explore brands and highlighted products, find dispensaries, peruse menus and promotional discounts, and place online orders for pickup or delivery– all based on their locale.

They can also make their purchasing choices based on built-in Customer Reviews.

It may go without saying that, if you’re a product provider, you should probably list your company with these sites. (It’ll cost you a monthly fee starting around $400, but with 15 million monthly visitors to Leafly alone, it’s certainly attractive.)

If you do, plan to pay some attention to those reviews. We highly recommend utilizing them as a tool to drive sales and customer loyalty.

Here’s the run-down.

Drive Online Engagement, Gain Reviews

Use Promo Cards

Weedmaps and Leafly offer business and promotional cards, which have instructions on how to leave a review. Be sure to give these out with all purchases, ordered online or not. It will direct new and existing app users to your online accessibility, and build your reviews.

Train your Budtenders

Whether a transaction was made or not, your business should have made an impression on the customer. Always at check-out– and whenever else appropriate– Budtenders should utilize the promo cards to gain online engagement.

Train your staff to do the following:

1. At Check-Out 
Write your name on the card, staple it to the receipt.  Point it out to the customer, and explain the app and review process as necessary.

2. No Transaction Was Made 
Thank them for checking out your business.  Let them know that they can order online anytime, and hand them a promo card.  Tell them they can leave a review about their visit, as well as check out the product menu again at their leisure.

3. The Customer is unfamiliar with Weedmaps/Leafly
Take a moment to show them the app on their phone and how to leave a review.

4. Customer is not Tech-Savvy 
Offer to take them aside and teach them how to use the app. They will have learned a new skill by their new favorite Budtender.

5. Need a Motive Boost? 
Tell customers about friendly competition on the salesfloor when talking about reviews! This tends to spark people to get online and give shout-outs right away. Otherwise, they might put it off until later… Until they forget.

When you give customers a call to action, a review is no longer a chore, but an opportunity to feel helpful and involved. Win-win!

Manage Reviews

Keep Checking In

Don’t just ask customers to give reviews and then assume it’s all dandy. Monitor!

Don’t like what you see? Change your approach.

Keep an eye on what your customers are saying. We hope not, but when all is said and done, you might receive a negative review or two. And you’ll want to be on top of that.

Negative Reviews

Always investigate negative reviews. Maybe the critique is valid– in which case, consider it feedback to act upon. But sometimes, people leave negative reviews for improper reasons.

If you find a review suspicious, don’t hesitate to work with a Weedmaps or Leafly representative to address it. In certain cases, the review can be removed.