Coronavirus Safety for Cannabis Dispensaries

Businesses are shutting down and the future is uncertain. But some cannabis dispensaries may remain open for business during the shelter-in-place order. We’re providing a complete guide to Coronavirus Safety for Cannabis Dispensaries so you can stay open, safely.

cannabis dispensaries coronavirus essential service

Cannabis as an Essential Service

The present national pandemic emergency has the whole world in a precarious position. Even going to work or procuring necessities (THC and CBD products included) can be scary.

Many states regard cannabis dispensaries as an essential service, which means dispensary operators have a rather serious choice to make. Keeping your doors open during these times is clearly beneficial to both consumers and your business, but comes with a heavy responsibility to safeguard health.

Check here to see how your state has opted to treat dispensaries during the shelter-in-place orders.

If you plan to keep your dispensary open, there are many things to consider. Please follow our Coronavirus Safety Guideline to take the necessary precautions.

Get the Guide on Coronavirus Safety for Dispensaries

Gain access to our Coronavirus Safety Checklist below. It outlines everything a dispensary needs for COVID-19. 

Stay vigilant, stay safe, and thank you for caring.

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