We create useful and easy to use tech solutions for cannabis professionals.
We’re on a mission to help cannabis businesses thrive and thereby contribute to spreading all benefits the plant has to offer.

Our core values define everything we do:

  • We’re all people first.
    We don’t always know what customers or colleagues are facing in their personal lives, so let’s be decent.
    We value each other’s uniqueness, and aim to celebrate it.
  • We exist “because of” and “for” our customers.
    Every customer inquiry needs to be addressed promptly, professionally and honestly.
    All products and/or product changes must include customer testing at every stage.
  • We treat others how they want to be treated.
    We make an effort to be aware of what makes us different from one another without judging.
    We use the correct pronouns when referring to people within or outside the company.
  • We check our egos at the door.
    We own up to the mistakes we’ve made before finding solutions.
    When someone refers to concepts we don’t understand, we respectfully ask for an explanation.
  • Nobody knows everything.
    We don’t put others down for any reason, especially for knowing less than us.
    We use as little technical jargon as possible when we speak.
  • Communication is key.
    We respond quickly and accurately to emails, messages and voicemails.
    We actively listen to, acknowledge and look for the value in what others say.
  • Great ideas should be followed by even better execution.
    A fully formed idea is one that also has a plan of action.
    More technology is not always the solution to our customer’s pain points.

Meet the Founders

black woman smiling

Cree Robinson


black man smiling

Louis Masensi