Giving your dispensary the power of 10 platforms in 1.

  • Point-of-sale + Inventory
  • Customer Engagement
  • Human Resources
  • Employee Training
  • Store Maintenance
  • Task Management
  • Compliance Tracking

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What We Do

dispensary POS

Our POS is easy-to-use and is pin protected to ensure accurate tracking of sales.

dispensary inventory tracking

The Inventory Portal keeps tabs on all products + supplies in your dispensary– automatically standardized, trackable, and compliant with state law.

dispensary staff management

Oversee all aspects of your team, from on-boarding, to pay to meetings and performance reviews. 

dispensary customer marketing

Send customizable product surveys and use the point-based loyalty program to know what’s working for your customers and what’s not.

cannabis dispensary compliance

Store your compliance documents, conduct self-audits, and receive reminders of your compliance deadlines all while being synced up to METRC.

dispensary maintenance

The Store Maintenance portal enables work orders, maintenance requests, and equipment tracking— allowing you to schedule and track any and all work that needs to be done.

cannabis staff management platform

Provide your customers with automated product recommendations based on their feedback and purchase history.

dispensary HR complaints management

External?  Internal?  Know where the problem lies.

This portal works with customer and employee profiles to log complaints and HR incidents.

dispensary POS task reminder

Forget sticky-notes–help keep your employees organized and accountable using touCanna’s Task Board. Assign tasks, checklists, and projects that you can track from anywhere. 

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